Viral Imaginings

Viral Imaginings (If you're not 18+, browse at your own risk.)

I love tattoos, art, the human form, and most things taboo. While I may be a 30 something sci-fi, gamer geek... I'm a kid at heart.

Even though I look like an intimidating 6'2" bearded biker, I'm an approachably fluffy teddy bear. So, as long as you don't piss me off, feel free to fill my inbox with questions, compliments, or whatever.

I don't take credit for what's not mine, so don't get crazy. If you know it ain't mine, chances are, I know too. Just ask, and I'll take it down/give credit.
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Surfing Cowaramup Bay Gracetown | by Chris Spiker | Website.

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Surfing Cowaramup Bay Gracetown | by Chris Spiker | Website.
Marilyn Monroe 

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Marilyn Monroe 

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October Seitan

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October Seitan

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Róbert A Borbás, Dark Art Tattoo, Hungary

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Fairy Pools, Skye (by Christopher Swan)

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Fairy Pools, Skye (by Christopher Swan)

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beanie no beanie beanie

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